Saturday, August 18, 2007

Rendezvous at Transita 12

“Captain,” a voice said. “Captain, you requested to be awoken at 1500 hours Coruscant time.” I laboriously forced my eyes open as the voice on the private com to my quarters continued. “Captain, it is currently 1502 hours, on Coruscant time.” I remembered why I had requested the wake – up call, and bolted upright in my bed. “I’m up. Thank you, Corporal.” “Not a problem sir, hope you rested well. We’re holding position above Transita 12, as per your orders.” “Very good Corporal. That will be all.”

I needed to make an important announcement to the crew. I had gone to sleep in my uniform, anticipating that I would be too groggy to get dressed before I got to the bridge. I stood up off of the bed, combed my hair, and placed my cap precisely on my head. I checked my clock, which was always on Coruscant time, but could switch rapidly to the time on any Inner Rim planet. 1504. That was suitable. I gently opened my door out into the hallway. I liked having the door open on occasion. It allowed a person to not feel so cut off, so secluded. I tied my dress shoes with a pinpoint precision. I had ordered all of the crew to be in full dress today. None of them quite knew why, but that would change shortly. I stepped out into the hall, and shut the door into my quarters.

Although it was afternoon on Coruscant, it was early in the morning here, and on this side of Transita 12, the sun had yet to rise. On my way to the bridge, I was saluted by a few crew members, all, of course, in dress. I liked it when my crew looked sharp. I also knew, however, that they always seemed a little bit uncomfortable in their “Admiral’s Attire”, so I rarely ordered them into it. Today, though, I had yet to see a single Ensign fidget in their uniform. I finally arrived at the bridge, after taking a leisurely walk up. “Ah, it’s a beautiful sunrise, no, Lieutenant?” “Yes, sir, Captain, it is. It sure is.” He replied. “Alright, I need to talk to the crew. I’m sorry I couldn’t have told you earlier, but I’m under orders.” “Of course, sir,” he said. I picked up the microphone and activated it for shipboard communications systems.


Blogger Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

Well, they had to buy and then carry the uniforms around, so why not wear them ever once in a while.

Looks like a good story

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