Friday, December 15, 2006

Back to work

After my last "escapade", I had to spend almost a week in a tank of pure bacta, and I've been in an improptu sort of "rehab" (not much thought is given to clones who survive serious injury). After quite some time, I was ready to go back. I had to re enter rigorous training, but an officer noticed that my number appeared on a Republic commendation list, and he let me through. So now, here I am, waiting for the enormous Cruiser that will take me and my division, the 305th, to yet another battlefront.

2 days later:

Today is "Deployment Day". We all look forward to and dread it. I can hear the massive Repulsor engines roaring in reverse, we've come out of hyperspace. I don't know where we are, none of us do. All we know is that a lot of us won't be coming off of this planet we're about to land on. That was the only thing we were told. A voice blares over the intercom: "Legion 225, move to Boarding Area 549". A trooper I was talking with, his name was Omega, I think, stood at attention as his C.O. yelled "You heard 'em, 225, let's go!" Such was the way of it. The 305th division was split into legions, units, platoons, and squadrons. We were only expecting a few squads per unit to make it. Finally, my legion was called, and we moved to our boarding zone. Only 2 squadrons could fit on a gunship, so I said goodbye to my other friends, and climbed slowly aboard. My hip still hurt from a serious bone fracture, but I wouln't give up defending the Republic until I physically couldn't. That's what I was born for.

The gunships descended swiftly and quietly through the dusk sky on the planet, but the pilots still seemed nervous. It's never a good sign when your pilot is nervous, because they almost never are. I heard a strange sound from over to the right. It reminded me of Geonosis, and a chill went up my spine. It had an eerie quality to it, it almost vibrated the air around it. I smiled a little, it sounded kind of pleasant. Then I saw it, and simultaneously recognized the sound. "FIERFEK!!" yelled the pilot, "Anti Air guns!" A chunk of golden plasma rocketed past the side of the gunship, momentarily blinding me. The whole dropship shook violently. Then the ship next to ours was hit. It didn't actually explode right away. The plasma impacted the bottom, and time seemed to slow. It molded around the bottom of the ship, and in a fraction of an instant, 15 troopers, and 2 pilots were disintegrated. The pilots decided that they needed to get us out as soon as possible, so they practically cut power to the repulsorlifts that power the crafts. We fell a few hundred feet, before the pilot reactivated them, and just in time. The trees appeared instantly, and they were followed too closely by the ground. We hit pretty hard, and jumped out, looking for a fight.

To Be Continued...


Blogger padawanbeldapinik said...

Hello there E775, Thank you for fighting off that Sith I owe you big, but I may have to wait until I get old enough to get the credits. Oh well...

7:17 PM  
Blogger Darth Sidious said...

Eee... thats... bad. I don't remember that. Funny.

7:39 AM  

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