Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Well, turns out that that supply gunship only had rations onboard. Oh, well. Clone Troopers are trained in basic survival cooking, just to survive in battlefields where ration ships can't reach. However, some lucky (or unlucky for that matter, you decide for yourself) clones, including myself, recived "special" culinary training from an obsessed Kaminoan. I can cook fruit and vegetable meals of almost any sort (you should try On-bolt-casted asparagus) cakes (handy for a birthday, hahaha) medicinal foods and a varity of Kaminoan "gourmet" foods. We recive news via our head of planetary ops here on the outer rim system of Krryoth, and word is that there's trouble in the Galactic Senate. Oh, well, we're soldiers, not politicians. Well, we are about to conduct evening briefing, drills, and watches. So, I'll update later if I have time (the Krryothian day system is Wierd, man, and I mean Wierd, like a few hours to some days, multiple to another, but today is a "normal" Krryothian day. Thank goodness.

Hello, sir

I am Epsilon 775, just a normal clone trooper in a normal battle of the normal clone wars. Actually, my life is pretty exiting compared to the brokers on Couroscaunt. There is a chance that I may be eligible for Jet Pack training, then I get to use a jet pack, just like Jango Fett. Well, sounds like we've got a gunship down, like "saving Private Windu" no, just kidding, I'd probably be on in court for reffering to Master Windu like that. Oh, well, no treason commited. Anyway, we haven't had fresh supplies in a bout a week, so I'm gonna go help unload the Gunship. Maybe I'll get an extra thermal detonator or two!