Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Security duty is over! Something interesting did happen while I was on security, though. I, Tau 654, Beta 993 and Upsilon 384 were joking about this wierd senator guy who had the most ridiculos hairdo that I have ever seen, and the guy who had none, when someone inside the "arena" screamed. We were posted just outside the giant spacios area, when we heard the scream. We turned around just as Upsilon said a joke that made Beta laugh so hard that he couldn't breath and he passed out. I peeked through a curtain and saw some crazy neimiodian with a blaster out. just as I leveled my own rifle, he fired a single shot. No one breathed, especially not Beta 993. We later found out the the crazy bloke got so flustered that he shot himself. Brilliant blokes, those Trade Federation types. I hear one of them tried to test a blaster, with it pointed at him. Like I said, brilliant blokes.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Removal from Kryyoth!

We were victorious on Kryyoth, and now, we are being sent to Couruscant for security duty. I met a few Commandos last night, on the transport off of Kryyoth. They were headed to Couruscant from some planet called Naboo. Don't ask me why they would send commandos to a "secured" planet, a planet that is a known member of the Republic, unless they were on security. And there are few things that a commando hates more than security duty. I hate it too. Not enough action. Escorting some blah blah high - up person all around some stupid dome, only to be told that something like "the senator from the soverign seystem of yada yada blah has arrived and wishes for an escort. All I hear is blah, blah, go get this official dude, blah, blah, blah. Wonderful fun ins't it? The worst part is watching all of theese people in comfortable fancy clothing (too fancy if you ask me) eat this delicious food, only to return to the Barracks in your hard, cold armour and eat artificial food. I mean, the food's not that bad, only when you see other people eating real food does it begin to taste awful. I mean, we clones are humans too! Oh, well.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Ahh, sweet, sweet artificial food

Wonderful, absolutely wonderful, essence of Kamino with Freeze - dried sides and Flash - cloned meats. I am in a blissful state right now. We finally had some battle action here on Krryoth, and the sanctions on all combustable materials were lifted. Huzzah! Also, I might even get to go on board one of the Republic's own giant Attack Cruisers. Those things are said to be HUGE!! Anyway, the only bummer around here is that, even though the CIS (Confederacy of Independant Systems) retreated, we lost half of our best pilots in the last battle. We also lost my commander, Gamma 465. Not cool. Word is that either Chi 549 or Tau 825 could be promoted. I'm voting for Kappa 778. He's a good soldider. But, considering that we're all clones, aren't we all?