Tuesday, July 19, 2005

At Last!! Nevermind

Crud. Cruddy crud crud. That is all I have to say. Some stupid sharpshooter killed himself with a flippin' grenade. Brilliant. The entire outpost was put on full alert for "traditional" reasons. Everybody knows that that lousy idiot killed himself, but now everyone is having everything that they own (well, we don't really own anything, everything is issued to us members of the GAR) searched for any, any signs of illegal material. Now, even our armour is cleaned everyday in an extremely toxic chemical cleanser. Delta 437 tried to complain, but he was killed on the spot, marked as a "terrorist". And to top that off, these new security restrictions do not permit any type of combustable material anywhere in our outpost, exept at the Armoury. Guess something that combusts when heated. THE FUEL FOR MY BLIMEY JET PACKS!!! The Jet Packs have been outlawed, all thanks to that ONE LOUSY SHARPSHOOTER!!! Uh, oh, here comes Gamma 784, our commander. I'd better shut this off. Maybe the restrictions have been lifted. Probably not, most likely, another ARC trooper had a missile malfuntion, in the Armoury. Great.