Friday, April 07, 2006


Wow, have I been busy lately. We had a crisis where an Attack Cruiser left the atmosphere of Couruscant, and then came, burning, through the clouds into a civilian portion of the city. That was bad. There was a series of crimes throught the camp, but we don't really own anything, and later, Beta 857 confessed. He told the barracks commander, Kappa 489, that he simply "couldn't resist all of the shiny white grappling hooks". Not that I was eavesdropping. I heard that the Lt. Commander started her civilian assignment, but I couldn't be there to help with the move, too many tasks here at base. Besides, since we clones are viewed almost as battle droids, rather than humans, the civilian population usually shuns us being in public. However, Tau 639 and I decided to leave base camp ( after hours of paperwork filing) and walk around. What we forgot, though was that we were still wearing our armor. It becomes almost a part of you, when you wear it all day, every day. Anyway, we only noticed it when people started giving us funny looks, and hurrying their children past us. It dosen't feel to great to know that you people you die to protect think of you as freaks. Oh, well, I dropped by the Lt. Cmdr's new place, asked about her strange looking sofa, was told that it wasn't her idea, wished her luck, annd went back to the barracks. Anyway, I'd better catch up on my sleep, there may be an assignment coming up.