Sunday, January 22, 2006


We clones of the 305th just got word that we are to be reassigned temporarily to an Attack Cruiser. Those are the huge starships that serve the Grand Army of the Republic. I don't really like being in space. The last time I was on board a Cruiser, the Grav Generators failed. That was really unpleasent. On the plus side, though, I will probably get to fly more. What with all of the fighters on board, we'll probably be doing Attack and Dogfighting drills every day.

Friday, January 13, 2006

What's so special about them anyway?

Now, I'm angry. So is every one else in the barracks right now. We just found out that those scumballs of the 501st get to go fly the new starfighters. It's not the ARC - 170, but they're still cool. We all really despise the 501st. When we were on Kryyoth, we were fighting in close quarters, getting killed. In order to take a shot at a driod, you'd have to climb over your dead comrades. It was a bloodbath. Those 501st lunatics were back at base or "Rear Command Post 278". Guess what they were doing? NOTHING!! Just relaxing, sunning, etc. When the news got out that we were victorious, guess who got the praise, the rewards? THE 501st!! We made our contempt known, in a not - so - subtle way. We got reprimanded severly. Oh, well. Tau 739 just tacked up a picture of a 501st commander, and we're throwing darts at it. Kappa 249 just hit it in the eye visor. Epsilon 775

Thursday, January 12, 2006

New Armor! Not for the 305th.

Sorry about not updating for so long. Lots of battles. Stuff like that. I got to fly a Gunship fresh out of the Engineering yards on Rothana. Kappa 928 had to take over after I got a little, well, clumsy. Almost crashing a few times didn't sit too well with the commander. Anyway, there is a rumor going around that those spoiled clones in the 501st are getting new armor. It's supposed to be all "high tech". Whatever. We don't need new, fancy armor or whatnot. But, that new starfighter that I test - flew is really sweet. It's called the ARC - 170. It's still a prototype though, so I could only fly in a simulator. And, I got a new sniper rifle. Gamma 653 and I took out some womp rats. Then a Tusken raider mauled Gamma. He didn't make it. Oh, well. I'll update more often.
Epsilon 775.