Sunday, March 05, 2006

Adventures onboard a Cruiser

Well, where should I start? When I first got onboard the space cruiser called the "Empowerment", I was stunned by the immensity of the ship. When I got to my bunk, I was stunned by how tremendously small it was. Tau 274 brought an extention pad, but even that only made his bunk remotely tolerable. The only thing that made the bunks forgettable was the food. Dehydrated crud. The cooks forgot to hydrate my meal once, it was just a chunk of foam. I didn't eat that night. We were attacked once, a ship full of vulture droids rammed us, sending the ship out of orbit. Before I could get to my fighter, though, the other ship had gone into the atmosphere. There was also an incident involving some "batch three" clones. Let's just say that a Lt. Commander had me use knockout gas. After that, Beta 878 couln't stop playing pranks, and our commander, Gamma 667 had to slap him and lock him in the abandoned quarters of a Seargent. But now, after all of that fun, I'm back on the ground, here on Coruscant. Not the real Coruscant, the essence of the Republic, but the GAR base in "The Works" section of the planet. No contact with the outside world. Just the way we clones like it. Most of the time.