Saturday, September 16, 2006

Tactical Operations 3

As my vision started to fog up, I desperatly threw myself into the bunker which housed the passage to the underground tunnel. "Huuuh" I said quietly, realizing the bizzare abscence of droids. Then I lost my vision completely. About 5 minutes later, I could see again, and I realized that my leg was not only pouring blood, but the ionization from the blaster bolt had melted a large part of my plastoid armour. Knowing that if I kept losing this much blood, I would end up drowning a bantha in it, I slapped on all of the bacta - enhanced gauze pads that I had, then placed a piece of metal on top of them to add pressure. The instant I set the metal piece on, blinding pain shot up my leg, through my back, and into my head. I was promptly knocked out. With the blood pooling up under the remaining plastoid, I had to remove the leg plates of my armour, and then attempt to crawl down the tunnel while preventing my half - destoyed leg from touching the ground. The droids must have thought I was dead, because none came into the bunker at all. I finally made it to "Location 0" the place where I was supposed to stick the detpack. I reached into my pack (it was clipped on to the armour suit) and felt around for the detpack. I looked up in pure fright. It wasn't there! "Oh, fierfek" I said, "This is just great". I started to tear up, realizing that the Republic would now have to send another squad out here, because the previous squad had been so inept, had let them down. Then a chunk of rock fell from the ceiling and hit my leg. I was knocked unconscious again. When I woke up, I realized that I had, in my semi - conscious state, been pounding my fists into the ground. the plastoid hand pieces were broken almost perfectly in half. I looked at them, pondering just how worthless I was now, and heard a voice somewhere in the back of my head. "When in unfamiliar hostile territorry," the voice said, "improvisation can be a priceless skill." Then I recognized it. The voice was from a holo - training program that I had been flash - taught on Kamino. I looked around and saw the rock that had fallen from the roof. I pulled the small black bag (that was supposed to contain the detpack) apart, into long black threads, and tied a piece of the broken gauntlet to the rock. I started pounding fiercely at the small control console that would have accomodated the det. After about 10 minuets, the top layer of plastic was removed from the console, and the sharp gauntlet chuck had virtually disintegrated. I tied another chunk to the rock, and pounded away at the newly exposed electronics. When a few sparks started to appear, I backed up, and repeatedly threw the rock at the console. After5 consecutive minuets of rock throwing, the system went critical, my shoulder was basically dislocated, I grabbed the rock with my other hand, and started to crawl, as fast as I could, up the passageway. When I made it to the bunker, I saw that Tak had ditched the turret, and was running around wildly with his DC blaster, shooting every droid that was even remotly flinching on the ground. "Ay, Sev!" he yelled, "I think we best be getting out of here!" He used his comlink to call for gunship evac, I crwaled out into the open, and as I saw the gunship descending above me, and the bunker exploding behind me, I simply thought, as my vision began to blur again, "This is just.... beautiful." As the little black circles began to form in my eyes, I faintly heard a pilot yell "Trooper, are you alright?" And, still losing blood, with my sight nearly gone, I managed to raise my left arm in the air in a fluid motin, and give a simple, universally understood thumbs - up.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

OOC: Whoops

Okay. I think my head is screwed back on again. I sincerely apologise for not posting all summer, it was just incredibly hectic. I kinda ditched the blog to keep up with everything. But, (assuming anyone even reads this blog anymore) ... I'm back! Part 3 of "Tactical Operations" should be up soon. That is, as soon as I write it ;). No, really, I'll take better care of my poor blog, whose feelings are simply read "Severely Demoralized". Anyway, I'll be posting again soon, and I hope people still read this thing!